Red and the Wolf Designs – all in one place!

Red and the Wolf Designs – all in one place!

A half-circle shawl in a gradient from orange to dark red is spread out behind a white woman to show off the full shawl. The shawl features a dragon lace pattern and garter sections.

Why a Red and the Wolf Designs website you ask? Previously, it was quite difficult to find all the important information about me and my designs – now it’s going to be all in one place. 

All my free patterns have been added as downloads already, there is a link to my shop and I plan to update you on everything right here in the blog.

Stream times on Twitch? I’ve go you:

Stream schedule, times and dates listed in text below

I will stream every Tuesday starting at 3 pm CET, every Friday at 6:30 pm CET and every Sunday at 4 pm CET. For the current week, the schedule looks like this:

Tuesday, Jan 11 – sock knitting at 3 pm CET
Friday, Jan 14 – dragon embroidery at 6:30 pm CET
Sunday, Jan 16 – sub heart and story time at 4 pm CET

The crafts will vary every week with a few set things:

Every Sunday, I read a story – right I’m making my way through Grimm’s fairy tales. And Sundays are for stream related projects, so I’ll either work on hearts for subscribers or my stream blanket.

If you want to know more, just join me on Twitch for one of the upcoming streams. I look forward to seeing you there.

All my new designs, test knits, sales and events will be posted here as well. Or you can of course sign up for my newsletter to make sure you never miss an update. I might add post that feature other designers or artists, and other items of interest. But mostly, it will be all about what happens with Red and the Wolf Designs wherever I am present.

And did you know I have started a youtube channel? So far it mostly has the videos from my Twitch streams and some funny clips from them, but I plan to add tutorials very soon.

So, keep an eye on this page and never miss anything about Red and the Wolf Designs ever again!

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