A collage of hand knit or crochet items

Commission me to knit or crochet for you



A collage of hand knit or crochet items

Want to commission me for a hand knit hat or a crochet set of coasters? Or something else? Now you can!

Currently I am working on two pairs of socks for an online friend, and I have made many other items on request in the past.

Availability of commission spots will vary depending on how much time I have available, I will decide on a case by case basis.

What can you make? 
Basically any of my patterns, or things that I have made in the past are available for commission. If in doubt, ask.

How do I contact you?
Use the contact form on this site or send me an email to redandthewolf@gmx.com

How much does a commission cost?
That depends on the item, the size and cost of materials and will be discussed with you before you commit to a purchase. All details like size, colours, fibre sensitivities for your commission will be checked and I will make you an offer.

How do the purchase and payments work?
For small items, payment needs to be done in advance, for large and therefore more expensive items, you can make a downpayment before I start work and pay the remainder once everything is finished. As said before, this will be discussed beforehand. The sale will happen through my shop, so you have the security of a known platform as a buyer.

How long does it take?
Again, that depends on the size of the item and how long it takes me to get the yarn in, but I will give you an estimate when you contact me. If you need your item by a certain deadline, just let me know and I’ll try to make it possible.

If you have any more questions, please let me know.


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