Pattern update – Phoenix Feathers Bag


The Phoenix Feathers bag was one of the first patterns I released for sale (before, they had mostly been free). It’s a beautiful bag and I am still proud of the design – but the pattern was not my best work.

So, I picked it first from the pile of patterns that need a make-over. It now comes with:

  • full written instructions
  • a revised chart
  • clarified instructions throughout the pattern
  • new photos

I’m rather glad that I had to re-knit the bag for photos, as the old one had gotten lost at some point in the last 9 years – I’m now proud owner of a new Phoenix Feathers bag in Drops Paris!

I love how versatile that yarn is… knit at a tight gauge like here, it makes a nice bag, and knit at a loose gauge it’s great for garments or shawls, like my Simplicity is Key.


Stay tuned for more news, a lot is happening in the next few weeks.